Teaching and Research Staffs

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Principle investigators at Department of Medicinal and Life Sciences

ProfessorAOKI, Shin

(Bioorganic chemistry)

Area of specialization: Biofunctional chemistry, Supramolecular chemistry, Photochemistry

ProfessorAKIMOTO, Kazunori

(Molecular medical science)

Area of specialization: Molecular pathology, Stem cell oncology

ProfessorUCHIUMI, Fumiaki

(Gene regulation)

Area of specialization: Genetic engineering, Molecular biology

ProfessorUCHIRO, Hiromi

(Drug discovery synthetic chemistry)

Area of specialization: Organic synthetic chemistry, Medicinal chemistry

ProfessorOGIHARA, Takuo

ProfessorHAYATA, Tadayoshi

(Data science)

Area of specialization: Data science

ProfessorHIGAMI, Yoshikazu

(Molecular pathology, Metabology)

Area of specialization: Biology of aging

ProfessorYOKOYAMA, Hideshi

(Physical biochemistry)

Area of specialization: Physical biochemistry

ProfessorWADA, Takeshi

(Organic chemistry)

Area of specialization: Nucleic acid chemistry, Glycochemistry, Peptide chemistry

Associate professorKAMBAYASHI, Atsushi

(Data science)

Area of specialization: Modeling and Simulation, Prediction of In Vivo Performance of Drug

Associate professorKUSAMORI, Kosuke


Area of specialization: Pharmaceutics, DDS, Cell transplantation, Regenerative medicine

Associate professorHARADA, Yohsuke

(Immunological drug discovery)

Area of specialization: Molecular immunology, Immunocytology

LecturerAKITA, Tomomi

(DDS, Preparation design)

Area of specialization: DDS, COPD, Inhalation preparation and device design, Central delivery technology

LecturerSATO, Kazuki

(Organic chemistry)

Area of specialization: Glycochemistry, Nucleic acid chemistry, Peptide chemistry

LecturerTOJO, Toshifumi

(Bioorganic chemistry)

Area of specialization: Pharmaceutics, DDS, Cellular medicine, Regenerative medicine