Department of Pharmacy Overview

(Six-year course of study)

Research Areas and Focuses

“Pharmacy” is used here as a collective term encompassing the range of scientific disciplines which relate to the creation and manufacture of pharmaceuticals, as well as the technical expertise associated with pharmaceutical agents. Pharmaceutical creation and manufacturing are areas focused on developing new therapeutic agents. Students will be equipped with the skills required for appropriate pharmaceutical use within a medical setting to maximize drug effectiveness and minimize side effects. All students will pursue research in the necessary fields.

Key Departmental Characteristics

The goal of the Department of Pharmacy is to produce pharmacists who have a heart for humanity and a passion for learning which will enable them to keep up with the ever-advancing world of medical care.

Key Learning Characteristics

Students in the Department of Pharmacy will pursue a thorough, basic education; a specialized pharmaceutical education centered on drug effects-related informatics; and an education in practical skills for pharmacists utilizing well-equipped facilities and medical institutions.